Our changes

foto - Our changes

Hello guys! I wanna share new information about our server. If you observed for server, you could probably see that quantity of our servers were noticeably increased. A few public servers were added there, deathmatch and zombie server, you can test each of them on your own.

Considering a number of servers, we had to change server's equipment, so I can't wait to announce you about this new equipment: Intel Core i7 (3.4), 16gb mem, 200gb SSD. Also we changed OS to the latest version. I hope your play will be more comfortable now ;)

At last I wanna make a small advert. We are looking for new admins! But we have some requirements:

  • to have a steam account
  • to be older than 18 years
  • spoken english
  • to have good game skills
  • frequently playing

If you are fit our requirements, skype me immediately (austeam.net).