About our project and plans for future

foto - About our project and plans for future

Hello guys !

This is my first post in our blog and here I wanna share with you my completed work and plans for future.

The project (Austeam) was started in May (2014). During that time I've created three game servers (classic, headshot и public) and this site. More deteil:

So, classic is a general server with standart maps, there are minimum plagins, I think fans of classic will be happy.

Headshot, I created this server by the reason when I was a student I've been spending a lot of time with my friends exactly for another headshot server. So since that time I like this type of servers very much and I had to create my own headshot server. I think you will like it as well.

Public — this server looks more like classic. But exactly in here and in another our public servers an unique gameplay will be developed.

About our site, by now we have a blog, a players' rating and a monitor of servers. You can see it by yourself.

About plans for future. I can`t describe everything I wanna develop. I have many plans. But I'm going to tell you my nearest plans, there are: a page of bans, a module of comments and creating a new server (Deathmatch).

So wait, it will be interesting.