Admins searching!

foto - be an admin

In order to eliminate cheaters on Austeam servers we are looking for admins. We are expecting to see honest, experienced, adequate and responsible people who will be able to bring benefit to our portal and all players.

To become an admin you must:

  • to have a licence version of the game Counter Strike Source (steam);
  • to be older than 18 year (without exceptions) !
  • to have more than 1 month game experience among our servers;
  • not have a bad reputation;
  • be good in knowing cheats;
  • to have an adequate login (with Roman alphabet, one word, without excess symbols);
  • to achieve a test task, to be exact, you have to find 3 cheaters among our servers and make a demo-record with cheaters’ names.

Spoken English will be an advantage (our portal is an international one). Another good point will be an administration experience.

You will be able to kick, punish cheaters, to have an admin chat and a reserve slot.

If you are interested in this offer, just skype me ( or email (

In your letter write next:

  • name, steam_id;
  • age, link to your account in any social network (vkontakte или facebook);
  • rank on our server;
  • your experience in css as in general as on our server;
  • attached demo-records (from the test task);
  • why you want to become an admin and how often you are ready to veset our servers;
  • servers you pretend to (according to rules you can choose any 2 of our servers);
  • any extra information about you (availability of licence version of the game, English knowledge etc).

We will be glad to see you among us.

We need you!