Counter Strike source server

foto - Our changes

Our changes

Some information about our updates and advert about admin

foto - About our project and plans for future

About our project and plans for future

This is my first post in our blog and here I wanna share with you my completed work and plans for future.

Austeam is the counter strike source server and a portal where the unique gameplay develops every day for our players. This is absolutly free. You can play here for your enjoyment. Here you can make new friends, level up your skills or just remind about your childhood.

In our web site you can read news about css and our game portal, check out game servers which are connected with site, learn more detailed information about each server and look at our game statistics.

Austem is the most democratic server, there is vote system, which can mute, kick or ban player.

So whoevere you are, you may find here something for yourself. Just choose your counter strike source server and play. It is absolutly free